A letter from

Congratulations on your engagement


Dear Bride & Groom:

You have made a wonderful choice to celebrate your wedding in the exciting city of Las Vegas. Where else can you celebrate your wedding by a volcano, museum, on horseback, a lake, sky diving, or even on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle? 

Whatever your choice, we can help you fulfill your desires for the wedding of your dreams.

We believe it is your wedding, it will be the first thing you do together as husband and wife, so it should be performed your way.

 Since 1974, we have been helping brides and grooms celebrate wonderful memories. We cover all faiths and denominations; we also know many traditions and customs and can incorporate them into your ceremony. From the Jewish Chuppah and breaking of the glass to Spanish, cord coin and vail ceremonies; the Greek exchanging the rings three times; jumping the brooms, whatever  your traditions may be we will accommodate you.

We bring to your wedding a lifetime of delightful experiences a positive attitude and outlook on life that is only enhanced by each wedding we perform.

When you read our testimonials, you will see a recurring theme, and that is laughter. Although weddings have a serious side, a moral commitment, a legal contract, we must not lose sight that this is also a fun celebration, and we will do our best to offer you an elegant, tasteful, yet lighthearted ceremony. Humor plays an important role in our lives and should be a part of the wedding ceremony. Laughter enables the body to relax, and as one bride wrote, “My tears of happiness were mixed with tears of laughter”.

We treat each wedding with individual attention and commitment. We enjoy learning a little about you, like how you first met and the circumstances of the proposal, to incorporate that into the ceremony, making your ceremony an entirely unique experience.
We know the challenges in preparing for a wedding and will do what we can do to help your wedding run smoothly.

In addition to performing the ceremony, we will assist with suggestions before and after your ceremony, and ensure that your wedding license is filed with the Clark County Recorder within 10 days after the ceremony.

“From Fun to Formal”, it’s your wedding performed your way. For a memorable, fun wedding ceremony, reserve your wedding date today with a simple call or by filling out our online questionnaire.

 Enjoy the planning !

Thank you for visiting,
Pastor Pete, Reverend Daniele, and the Elegant Vegas Weddings family.