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Although our associate ministers have their own individual diverse experiences, Pastor Pete has educated them to include the personal touches that make us the most sought after ministers in the Las Vegas area. Anyone can just go through the motions; however we take the time to assist you in planning for your ceremony.

  • Pastor
    Pete Starzyk
    (702) 260-7875

    Pastor Pete assembled and leads up this highly eclectic talented group of Ministers. He is the founder of Elegant Vegas Weddings and lead instructor to educate all the ministers of the different cultures and new ideas and traditions entering the wedding industry.

    Specialties - Themed, The Original Mob Minister and Traditional Ceremonies

  • Reverend
    Daniele Ledoux-Starzyk

    Both French and English speaking, Reverend Daniele is the wife of Pastor Pete, helps with the planning and new ideas that go into keeping our ceremonies fresh and interesting.

    Specialties - French and Traditional Ceremonies

  • Reverend
    Daniele “Macky” Mackenzie

    Reverend Daniele “Macky” Mackenzie is a real Las Vegas native, born here in 1979. Her youthful exuberance is felt by everyone she meets and brings that energy to your ceremony.

    Specialties - Traditional Ceremonies

  • Reverend Carlos Vallesillas

    Reverend Carlos has over 8 years of wedding experience. In 1994 Reverend Carlos moved to Las Vegas and has watched Las Vegas grow from a small town to a great metropolis. He always enjoys working with brides and believes in offering them that small town personal service.

    Specialties - Spanish and Traditional Ceremonies

  • Reverend
    Roland August

    Both English and Spanish speaking, Reverand Roland entered the wedding industry by forming his own rock band to play at dances, weddings, and special events. His extensive theatre experience allows him to offer themed ceremonies such as Elvis, Dracula, and the Beach Boys, in addition to his traditional ceremonies. He offers brides and grooms their own personal ceremony.

    Specialties - Spanish, Elvis and Traditional Ceremonies

  • Cantor
    Bob Fisher

    Cantor Bob Fisher comes from a broadcasting background and is the founding clergy of Midbar Kodesh Temple. He officiates at Jewish and non denominational ceremonies, bringing to the bride and groom a ceremony filled with spirit and humor. His services are warm, personal, and inviting based on the foundation of what the happy couple relates to him.

    Specialties - Hebrew and Traditional Ceremonies

  • Reverend James

    Reverend James is a New York transplant. He was a leading DJ in New York before coming to Las Vegas to continue his DJ career. As a fast learner of different trends and widely experienced in weddings, he  adapts to your wishes, even last second ones.

    Specialties - Tagalog, Elvis, The Original Mob Minister  and Traditional Ceremonies

  • Reverend Christine

    Reverend Christine semi-retired to Las Vegas with her husband Reverend Forrest in part to get away from the cold and snowy Chicago winters. She and Reverend Forrest have that Midwestern work ethic and led their congregation and ran a successful business for 30 years.

    Specialties - Traditional Ceremonies

  • Reverend Forrest

    Reverend Forrest came to Vegas from cold and snowy Chicago. He was a successful minister in a Chicago suburb and led his congregation for many years before semi retiring and moving to Las Vegas.

    Specialties - Traditional Ceremonies

  • Reverend Diana

    Rev. Diana is no new comer to the wedding industry.  She has been involved in many aspects of the wedding industry from chauffeur, wedding coordinator to assisting in the management of a wedding chapel. She has worked her way up, earned her county Certificate of Permission to Perform Marriages, has witnessed ”cookie cutter” style ceremonies and assures you, that will not be the case for your special ceremony.

    Specialties – Spanish, Lady Elvis, Abba and Traditional Ceremonies.

  • Mini Minister Dimos

    Mini Minister Dimos is an icon in Las Vegas. If you are looking for a totally memorable ceremony, please consider Mini Minister Dimos. Dimos earned his Nevada certificate to perform weddings in 2012 and has been wowing brides ever since. He was born in Greece, raised in Germany, is fluent in Greek, and can perform your ceremony in Spanish, Italian, French and German. Since he has traveled the world, he is also familiar with many different traditions and customs.

    Specialties – Themed Mini Elvis, Traditional - Languages Greek, Italian, German, French

  • Reverend Sharon

    Rev. Sharon was born in China, moved to the United States to attend school and entered the wedding industry through helping brides with hair and make-up on their wedding day. She blends the old world traditional Chinese cultures with the modern to bring you an exceptional ceremony.

    Specialties - Cantonese/Mandarin and Traditional Ceremonies.

  • Frankie Castro

    Elegant Vegas Weddings is proud to add to our eclectic family of Ministers, Frankie Castro. He has proven to us and his audiences to be a true gentleman, a master showman and the best Elvis performer in Las Vegas.

    Specialties - Elvis and traditional

  • Reverend Corinne

    Rev. Corinne is another welcome addition to the Elegant Vegas Weddings family of Ministers. She was born in Germany and is a real people person. For 20 years she worked in German television before pursuing her dream of moving to The United States. 

    Specialties - German and traditional

  • Santa Bob

    It is a pleasure to introduce our new family member…Rev. Bob Dempsey AKA Rev. Santa Bob. He has joined us to offer another aspect to our growing family. You will be amazed by his creativity, sincerity and willingness to perform your ceremony your way. What else would you expect from Santa?

  • Reverend
    Jerry Withers

    Rev. Jerry Withers has been serving the Las Vegas community since 1996. He possesses a strong, fluid speaking voice that immediately captivates the guests, bride and groom and will customize your ceremony to your wishes from traditional to themed custom ceremonies.

  • Rev. Ami Orto

    Whether you require a traditional minister business suit, minister robe, or showgirl feathers for the Vegas weddings effect, Rev. Ami believes in the institution of marriage and should be your choice for a memorable ceremony.