Our Family of Officiants
Pastor: Pete Starzyk
Pastor Pete assembled and leads up this highly eclectic talented group of Ministers. He is the founder of Elegant Vegas Weddings and lead instructor to educate all the ministers of the different cultures and new ideas and traditions entering the wedding industry.
Pete started in the wedding industry in 1975 as a minister and also when he started Pete Richards Video Productions in Chicago. This was at a time when people did not have VCRs yet, and if they did, they may have been Beta-Max. He formulated a method of videotaping weddings, Bar Mitzvahs and anniversaries in a manner that was unobtrusive yet captured the entire event. Over the years he and his associate cameramen videotaped 1000s of ceremonies gaining knowledge from different cultures, religions and traditions. He eventually grew to produce small training videos for Midas Muffler and Old Navy Clothing.
In 2000 Pastor Pete sold the business and semi-retired to Las Vegas. After a 6 week dream vacation where he rode his Harley-Davidson thru Alaska and up to the Arctic Circle, he returned to Las Vegas and realized the Las Vegas Wedding industry needed a personal minister with knowledge of different cultures. Elegant Vegas Weddings was born and he began knocking on doors of the wedding chapels and hotels. Not liking the chapels insisting he keep to their 4 minute non personal script, he struck out on his own and became noticed by the top venues and Country Clubs in town.
His ceremonies are about the bride and groom and not a generic one size fits all type sermon. Pastor Pete has instructed his team of Ministers to follow suit and offer the bride and groom “Your Ceremony, Your Way”. He has assembled ministers with different language skills, religions and themed ceremonies as well.
As a team we are always on the lookout for new ideas in the wedding industry and can only guide the brides and always listen to your dreams for your ceremony
Reverend: Daniele Ledoux-Starzyk
Both French and English speaking, Reverend Daniele is the wife of Pastor Pete, helps with the planning and new ideas that go into keeping our ceremonies fresh and interesting.
She was born in Paris France to a show business couple and former Olympians. He first few years were spent in a trunk moving from Paris to Cairo to Russia to Italy and Sweden as her parents perform all over the world. It wasn’t till her parents took a two year engagement at the old Dunes Hotel that she first visited The United States.
While attending school in Switzerland she was on the French Olympic Ski Team until an unfortunate accident ended her skiing career. She decided to stay in the US, become a U.S. citizen, raise a family and become a dental surgical assistant. In her spare time she raised three children and had the top National and International Belgian Tervuren dog in the US; his line is still producing champions. As a American Kennel Club Delegate and Judge she still finds time to help brides and perform memorable ceremonies.
After meeting Pastor Pete in 2003, he proposed on top of the real Eiffel Tower in Paris France. After seeing how much fun he was having performing weddings, in 2007 she decided to obtain her license and help him with the wedding ceremonies. Her knowledge of the French language was a big asset and now she performs most of the French ceremonies in Las Vegas.
Her relaxing demeanor and gentle approach to you ceremony will keep you at ease during a rather stressful time.
She shares the same beliefs that the ceremony should be about the bride and groom and follows a similar program that Pastor Pete created. With her history of athletics, knowledge of worldly cultures and love of life makes her a perfect minister to help you become husband and wife.
Reverend: Daniele “Macky” Mackenzie
Reverend Daniele “Macky” Mackenzie is a real Las Vegas native, born here in 1979. Her youthful exuberance is felt by everyone she meets and brings that energy to your ceremony.
As a licensed real estate agent she is no stranger to getting to know people fast and working for them with service in the forefront of her mind. With the real estate collapse in 2008 she threw herself into the ministry and perfected her style of conducting a ceremony. Although we all work off you answers, she has her own unique style of presenting you with a memorable event.
Reverend  Macky was ordained in 2007 and although nervous at her first ceremony, she overcame that and channeled that energy into a wonderful ceremony and is now a seasoned veteran. Balancing her wedding ceremonies with being very active in raising a young son, she gives every ceremony her all. Her determination to succeed and survive is evident in her being a three time cancer survivor. We are all proud to donate to the Susan G. Komen Cancer Foundation as a portion from every wedding we perform, goes to that fine organization.
No two personalities are alike; therefore no two ceremonies can be alike. Every ceremony will follow the same outline, but it is what the bride and groom want that makes each wedding different and unique.
She interacts with our other ministers and learns from them as they learn from her and her different experiences.
Reverend: James J Zito III
Reverend James Born Italian-American to James Zito and Maria Zito, Reverend James is a New York transplant. .
Navy Veteran James started acting while attending elementary school on Long Island over 30 years ago
He began learning the entertainment business from the ground up at an early age.
James truly enjoyed the technical side, starting with the Audio Visual squad while attending Captree Elementary in West Islip.Although James started behind the scenes, he later moved forward with his dream of acting. And as of 2018 appears on the number one show on Telemundo and Netflix.
In 2016 James was on tour and performed in 56 cities in ten weeks
Performing for over three thousand people a day as an emcee/host, Reverend James knows "every day in life is a new learning experience” his love and passion of entertainment continues to this day.
He was a leading DJ/Host in New York before coming to Las Vegas to continue his Entertainment career.
As a fast learner of different trends and widely experienced in weddings, he adapts to your wishes, even last second ones.
Reverend James witnessed so many ministers “Just going thru the motions”, over the years; it was a natural and easy transition from the entertainment field to Officiating in front of the bride and groom. He joined our family Elegant Vegas Weddings in 2010.  
He believes every wedding should be personalized for the individual couple.
Reverend James believes in his heart a wedding should be handled by someone that will give you 110% on your special day.
Because of his personal approach to your wedding ceremony, he is fast becoming a much sought after and requested officiant.
Offering you; Traditional service, The Original Mob Minister experience, Elvis, your ceremony will be well thought out and memorable.
Television and Movies : Imdb.me/JamesZito
Reverend: Carlos Vallesillas
Reverend Carlos has over 8 years of wedding experience. In 1994 Reverend Carlos moved to Las Vegas and has watched Las Vegas grow from a small town to a great metropolis. He always enjoys working with brides and believes in offering them that small town personal service.
He offers the bride and grooms the traditional ceremony and as a bi-lingual minister can go back and forth from Spanish to English, enabling everyone to understand and appreciate the wedding.
He met Reverend Daniele at a wedding when she was arriving for her ceremony and he was just finishing his b-lingual ceremony in 2012. She was so impressed with his easy going demeanor that shortly thereafter she asked him to join Elegant Vegas Weddings. Because of his wonderful personality he is a great asset to the wedding industry and we at Elegant Vegas Weddings are honored to recommend him.
Reverend Carlos works off the same questions presented to each bride and groom to insure a relatively similar ceremony but still retaining his personality in presenting the ceremony in his special manner.
Reverend: Roland August
Reverend Roland’s career began back in high school in Long beach California. He entered the wedding industry by forming his own rock band to play at dances, weddings, and special events. As a theatre major at Loyola Mary Mount LA he landed several lead roles in plays before heading to New York after graduation. During his six years in New York, he appeared in over 20 musicals and soap operas before heading back to LA and appearing on the Golden Girls, The Tracy Ulman Show, and on the soap opera Santa Barbara.
He settled down in Las Vegas to open his own night club and it quickly became a Jazz music hang out. He was asked back on stage to help with some fund raisers, and was offered to sing at weddings and local chapels. Seeing an opportunity to use his wedding and acting experience, he attained his Certificate to Perform Marriages and worked at performing thoughtful weddings. His theatre experience allows him to offer themed ceremonies such as Elvis, Dracula, and the Beach Boys, in addition to his traditional ceremonies. English and Spanish speaking, he offers brides and grooms their own personal ceremony.
He has performed so many ceremonies in Las Vegas since 2005 he has lost track. Together with his beliefs, he is able to stare into the eyes of a bride and groom and combine his fun loving personality with the institution of marriage. Since a wedding is a celebration, he crafts it to be both a sincere and fun event.
From traditional ceremonies to a Spanish speaking Elvis, Rev. Roland will work off the same answers all the other ministers have and offer you a special memorable ceremony.
Cantor: Bob Fisher
Cantor Bob is an enormous asset to our eclectic family of ministers. As an experienced minister, there was only a brief mentoring by Pastor Pete before he began electrifying brides and grooms with his warmth, humor, personal and meaningful ceremonies. He embraced our philosophy of “No Cookie Cutter” ceremonies and works closely with every couple.
Bob has been named: 
“Top 10 rated Las Vegas Wedding Ministers”
“Wedding Wire “Couples favorite”
Thumbtack “Top Pro”
Homeland Security Commission Member
Instrumental in activating the “Amber Alert” in Nevada
Diabetes awareness activist
Bob Fisher is a founding member of a Henderson NV. Synagogue
Bob is in the broadcasters Hall of Fame
We look forward to an association with Cantor Bob for many more years and sure you will be as thrilled as we are.
Reverend: Christine
Reverend Christine semi-retired to Las Vegas with her husband Reverend Forrest in part to get away from the cold and snowy Chicago winters. She and Reverend Forrest have that Midwestern work ethic and led their congregation and ran a successful business for 30 years.
She understands the difficulty a bride has planning her wedding and does whatever it takes to assist and make any worries she has seem small. Reverend Christine embraced the Elegant Vegas Weddings philosophy and style of giving the bride and grooms a personal and memorable ceremony.
Reverend: Forrest
Reverend Forrest came to Vegas from cold and snowy Chicago. He was a successful minister in a Chicago suburb and led his congregation for many years before semi retiring and moving to Las Vegas.
For 30 years Reverend Forrest also had a successful business in Chicago and knows that it takes hard work, determination and customer satisfaction to continue growing. He brings that enthusiasm to all of his ceremonies and offers them the same type of personal service all the Elegant Vegas Weddings ministers offer.
As an avid motorcycle rider, he has ridden to 48 states and offers you a wide variety of traditional and Harley weddings.
Pastor Pete has the honor of knowing Reverend Forrest and his wife Reverend Christine for 20 years in Chicago and welcomed them in to the Elegant Vegas Weddings family as valuable additions
Reverend: Diana
Reverend Diana is no new comer to the wedding industry.  She has been involved in many aspects of the wedding industry from chauffeur, wedding coordinator to assisting in the management of a wedding chapel. She has worked her way up, earned her county Certificate of Permission to Perform Marriages, has witnessed ”cookie cutter” style ceremonies and assures you, that will not be the case for your special ceremony.
Reverend: Diana
Reverend Diana is an accomplished vocalist that projects a soothing voice that is pleasing to listen to. As an added bonus, she is bilingual, easily blending her sermons from English to Spanish and back again. On top of this she performs Lady Elvis and ABBA weddings in her soon refurbished Pink Cadillac.
If you are looking for a minister to offer you a heartfelt ceremony, than please contact us regarding Rev. Diana. We are pleased to welcome her to our growing family of ministers.
Mis mejores deseos, espero contar con su presencia en su dia especial.
Mini Minister: Dimos
Minister Dimos is an icon in Las Vegas. If you are looking for a totally memorable ceremony, please consider Mini Minister Dimos. Dimos earned his Nevada certificate to perform weddings in 2012 and has been wowing brides ever since. He was born in Greece, raised in Germany, is fluent in Greek, and can perform your ceremony in Spanish, Italian, French and German. Since he has traveled the world, he is also familiar with many different traditions and customs.
Before becoming ordained he entertained audiences as an actor in the “Tournament of Kings” at Excalibur Hotel.
He is in great demand because of his dynamite personality and offering the Bride and Groom what they want in their ceremony. From the traditional to Elvis, a Leprechaun, or Cupid you will enjoy your ceremony.
Dimos is 4 feet and 2 inch tall but 6 feet 6 inches tall in personality and service.
Even if you plan to marry in a church, consider Dimos to thoroughly entertain your guests at your reception.
Elegant Vegas Weddings is honored to be associated with Mini Minister Dimos and feel he is a great asset to our eclectic family of ministers.  
Reverend: Sharon
Reverend  Sharon was born in China, moved to the United States to attend school and entered the wedding industry through helping brides with hair and make-up on their wedding day. She blends the old world traditional Chinese cultures with the modern to bring you an exceptional ceremony.
In 1995 she moved to Las Vegas, met and married a wonderful gentleman. As a wife, mother and grandmother she takes care to perform the type of ceremony that reflects the desires of the Bride and Groom. She knows the Chinese traditions and cultures and will make every effort to help make your ceremony memorable.
Rev. Sharon is proud to have her Nevada License to Perform Marriages and treats every ceremony as the one of a kind that it is.
Offering:  Cantonese/Mandarin and Traditional Ceremonies.
Frankie Castro
Elegant Vegas Weddings is proud to add to our  family of Ministers, Frankie Castro. He has proven to us and his audiences to be a true gentleman, a master showman and the best Elvis performer in Las Vegas. 

He has performed across the street from Graceland in Memphis, Tenn. every year during Elvis Tribute Week. He performed on the 50th anniversary of the Elvis film Viva Las Vegas, the iHeart Radio Music Festival with Taylor Swift and on the American Country Awards (ACA) with Danica Patrick and Trace Atkins. He also appeared in Wedding Planner Magazine.

We can honestly say Frankie is a “very high end” Elvis performer that is also an ordained and licensed minister, to perform your wedding ceremony with that Vegas twist that is considered a show experience in itself. Or if you prefer, he can come to your cocktail hour/reception and perform a memorable, respectful, electrifying and very humorous performance and can offer a mix and mingle with your guests.
You can have a firsthand view of his performances on YouTube by searching “Frankie Castro Elvis”. We are honored to be associated with Frankie who is in very high demand because of his memorable performance that will last a lifetime. 
Offering:  Elvis and traditional.
Reverend: Corinne
Reverend Corinne is another welcome addition to the Elegant Vegas Weddings family of Ministers. She was born in Germany and is a real people person. For 20 years she worked in German television before pursuing her dream of moving to The United States.
Her career in the wedding industry began as a planner learning the nuts and bolts of weddings. She fulfilled her ambition to provide the bride and groom with a personal and memorable ceremony by attaining her State License to Perform Marriages. Rev. Corinne is fluent in German and enjoys performing traditional ceremonies as well.
Her passion and commitment of individualizing each ceremony is evident in the special treatment she gives the bride and groom on their special day. Knowing it is their incredibly special day she will do everything to make it personal and memorable. 
Offering: German and traditional.
Santa Bob
It is a pleasure to introduce our new family member. Reverend Bob Dempsey, AKA Reverend Santa Bob. He has joined us to offer another aspect to our growing family. You will be amazed by his creativity, sincerity and willingness to perform your ceremony your way. What else would you expect from Santa?
After graduating college back in Illinois Bob traveled to Las Vegas for a 6 week job and he never left. His creativity comes from his management background in the graphic design profession. He is an accomplished speaker and adjunct instructor at the College of Southern Nevada.
His desire to make people happy is exemplified by his playing Santa for parties and being conscious of people’s desires. In 2014 Bob received his Permission to Perform Weddings in Las Vegas (and the North Pole) and has been using his people skills ever since. When you are ready to tie the knot (or mistletoe) remember even on Christmas Day he will delight you with his wit and stories. Even if you do not want Bob dressed as Santa for your minister, consider an exceptional showman for your ceremony.
Reverend: Jerry Withers
Reverend Jerry Withers has been serving the Las Vegas community since 1996. He was born and raised in Cleveland Ohio as the son of Reverend E.A. Withers. Reverend Jerry, as a graduate of Bryant & Stratton College, has an ability to immediately connect with the Bride and Groom due to his extensive background in interpersonal relationships and behavioral studies.
He possesses a strong, fluid speaking voice that immediately captivates the guests, bride and groom. His desire for performing a heartfelt and personal ceremony is evident in his passion for helping couples, his interest in public and community service, non-profit charities and civic work.
He will customize your ceremony to your wishes from traditional to themed custom ceremonies. A strong Midwestern work ethic and desire to provide a personal and memorable ceremony make Rev. Jerry and great fit for our family of ministers.
Reverend: Ami Orto
A Michigan transplant, Ami came to Vegas in 2006 to continue her career in show business: modeling, TV runway, and conventions. Being a real people person, she eventually landed a position as Brand Ambassador at Oscar's Beef, Booze and Broads. During her breaks, she visited the Plaza Hotel wedding Chapel watching Elvis and other impersonators performing weddings. It gave her the idea of creating a Showgirl Minister. After researching the logistics of earning a Nevada licensed to perform ceremonies, she went to work learning how to perform a wedding.
Reverend Ami Orto was trained by Pastor Pete and with very little adjustment and her ceremony presentation; she was welcomed to the Elegant Vegas Weddings family.
Whether you require a traditional minister business suit, minister robe, or showgirl feathers for the Vegas weddings effect, Reverend Ami believes in the institution of marriage and should be your choice for a memorable ceremony.